grab pack toy of poppy playtime

If you played that game seen in mommy long legs is the main villain from Poppy Playtime game, it`s a every hard survival game designed for bigger kids by MOB Games short time ago. That game is similar to Five Nights at Freddy`s game, Poppy Playtime makes players solve puzzles and survive the night in an abandoned old toy factory.

Huggy Wuggy character is shown in the Poppy Playtime game to be a dangerous creature with long arms and longer legs, leaving him standing at least 12 feet, like a monkey made from socks. He has shining blue fur and many teeth, on top of having another mouth inside of it`s big mouth.

In this video, Hakan using the DIY (Do it yourself) method to creating a toy gun, Then he shows how to make a Huggy-wuggy grab pack and use it on the poppy character.

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