A balancing approach to multi -purpose intermittent transportation problem

Article Name A balancing approach to multi -purpose intermittent transportation problem
Keywords Çok amaçlı taşıma problemi , bulanık matematiksel programlama , aralık yapıdaki sayılar , dengeleyici operatörler. , gold miner game online free.
Article Summary The data of real life problems cannot often be expressed. An effective way to address this situation is to express data as December. This article focuses on the multi-purpose intermittent transportation problem (MITP), in which the cost coefficients of the purpose functions and the amount of supply-demands are expressed as range. This problem has been transformed into traditional multi -purpose transportation problem. First of all, December supply-demand amounts are converted into determination of the right and left limits through convex combinations. Between December costs, each purpose has been converted into a definite state by means of a ranking relationship that expresses the preferences of the decision maker, with the right limits and centers of prices. Finally, Werners ’ Fuzzy and ” Using the operator, a balancing blurred approach is presented for MITP. As far as we know, a study that unites the balancing () operator and MITP ’ has not been published so far. Our approach produces compromise solutions that are both balancing and parato-optimal. In addition, a numerical example is given to show the presented approach.
English Keywords Multi-objective transportation problem , fuzzy mathematical programming , interval numbers , compensatory operators.
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