Functional Biopolymer Systems 4

Article Name Functional Biopolymer Systems 4
writers Mehmet MUSTAFAEV
Keywords Protein , polielektrolit , biyopolimer sistemler , imm√ľnoloji , radyobiyoloji. , gold miner game online free.
Article Summary Developments in functional biopolymer systems have enabled new opportunities in basic science studies and biomuhendislik practices. In this publication, recently obtained data on physical-chemical criteria in the formation of synthetic polyelectrolytes with proteins and the mechanism of interaction with proteins and the formation of functional biopolymer systems were examined together. In addition, the structure and chemical-structure properties of protein-pollite complexes were discussed. A special section is divided into metal-induced polycomplexes and the characteristics of the phase transition in these systems are explained. Complexes of proteins with polyelectrolytes can be considered as a model for specific nucleoprotein complexes and nucleotide-profile complexization research. Such reactions can be the imitator model for antigen-anticor interaction, viruses, chromatin and ribosome chains and other cell components in complex biological systems. The practices of functional biopolymer systems in immunology (developing artificial vaccine polymeric immunogens) and radiobiology (preparation of effective radioprotectors) were discussed.
English Keywords Protein , polyelectrolyte , biopolymer systems , immunology , radiobiology.
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