Keywords TRMelanoma , cilt , kanser , mutasyon , tümör , sentetik aşı.
KeywordsMelanoma , skin , cancer , mutation , tumor , synthetic vaccine.
Article Summary Melanoma is a type of skin cancer that begins in cells that produce the pigment on the surface of the skin. Melanocytes are settled cells on the skin`s upper layer that give color to the skin. Cancer is limitless and dispersed growth of melanocytes cells that give color to skin. Time is needed for the growth of the cells, and they grow into the depths of the skin. Changed very nature melanocytes rapidly spread to other tissues by taking the place of normal tissues or disrupting the function of them. By reaching the blood and lymph vessels it can access to the body and become life-threatening illness. The Melanoma golden miners of gold miner games play online for synthetic vaccine by miner. The diagnosis of melanoma is easy if it is still on skin surface. Early diagnosis of melanoma can be cured completely but it may become dangerous in spread out and advanced state.
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